On November 6th and 7th, 2020, 110 students from 38 different universities in 5 countries came together virtually to redesign today’s technology to be more sustainable and socially responsible at Rehack, the first ever “reverse hackathon” for students. At a reverse hackathon, participants are encouraged to redesign existing products rather than build new technical solutions. Using principles in human-computer interaction, humane design, software development, and tech ethics, Rehack urges participants to think deeply about their interactions with technology and redesign tech products in a more meaningful way.

This year, Rehack and the Princeton Student Climate Initiative collaborated to organize the first-ever virtual reverse hackathon on climate action. Our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Dimitri Kusnezov, gave an inspiring talk on the future of AI and climate technology.

Dr. Dimitri Kusnezov

We established partnerships with industry leaders such as IDEO, Rubicon, Goodr, and 1517 Fund to provide informative workshops at the intersection of design thinking and sustainability. We offered mentor office hours for participants to meet and discuss ideas with experts in climate action and design. Additionally, we held a panel featuring specialists working in the intersection of climate and technology to discuss how college students can get involved in climate action.

IDEO Workshop
Climate Panel

The result of a full day of ideation, designing, and implementation was 27 thought-provoking prototypes created by students of diverse backgrounds and majors, from engineering to history to philosophy. All projects can be found here; photos from the event can be found here; and workshop materials (recordings, slides) can be accessed here.

We are incredibly grateful to our partners for believing in and supporting this virtual event. We would like to thank everyone who attended Rehack in 2020, and we hope to provide an even better experience in 2021. Rehack is led by Co-Directors Catherine Yu ‘22 and Rohan Jinturkar ‘23. Learn more about Rehack at rehack.co, and follow Rehack on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay updated.

2020 Winners

Most Feasible: träx
Most Scalable: Faye
Most Impactful: Replate
Most Original: BottleX
Best Overall: RePack

2020 Partners